August 21st – September 1st: Home visits/Classroom set-up
August 30th: 6:30 – 7:30 PM: Parent orientation meeting
August 31st: 9:00 – 10:00 AM: Visit Day (half the class)
September 1st: 9:00 – 10:00 AM: Visit Day (half the class)
September 5th: First day of Preschool – ½ DAY
September 6th: ½ DAY
September 7th: First FULL day of Preschool
October 6th: Professional Development Day – Preschool CLOSED
October 9th: Columbus Day – Preschool CLOSED
November 10th: Veteran’s Day – Preschool CLOSED
November 22nd – 24th: Thanksgiving Holiday – Preschool CLOSED
December 22nd: ½ DAY – December recess begins
December 25th – 29th: December Recess – Preschool CLOSED


January 1st: New Year’s Day – Preschool CLOSED
January 12th: Professional Development Day – Preschool CLOSED
January 15th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Preschool CLOSED
February 19th: President’s Day – Preschool CLOSED
February 26th – March 2nd: Winter Recess – Preschool CLOSED
March 14th: Professional Development Day – ½ DAY
April 16th – 20th: Spring Recess – Preschool CLOSED
May 28th: Memorial Day – Preschool CLOSED
June 6th: FULL DAY (Formerly noted as a Professional Development - ½ DAY)
June 11th: FULL DAY (Despite school system observing a Professional Development - ½ Day)
June 15th: Last day of Preschool – ½ DAY  

Parent Conferences:

Fall: October 24th, 26th and 30th – ½ DAYS    
Spring: April 6th, 10th and 12th – ½ DAYS  

Weather Closures:

The Chilmark Preschool will follow the policy of the MVPS. When conditions warrant the closing of school, an announcement will be made on WMVY radio as well as the major television news stations (channels 4, 5 & 7). If weather becomes hazardous during the day and necessitates early dismissal, you will be notified by phone.