In March of 2004, the newly formed Chilmark School Task Force explored how the school could better meet the needs of its community and increase enrollment. From this Task Force, a Preschool Committee was assembled to investigate the possibility of housing a private, non-profit preschool within the school. As a result of that committee’s hard work and dedication, Chilmark Preschool opened at the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year. The committee was fortunate to hire veteran Early Childhood Educator, Chris Abrams, as its founding Director. It was her vision, wisdom and philosophy that built the foundation for the high quality preschool program that evolved.   

During Chris's tenure, she touched the lives of countless children and families, educated teachers and was a champion for early childhood education on the island. Her knowledge, advocacy and passion for education inspired a new generation of teachers. Chris brought her love of music and commitment to environmental causes into the classroom, growing a love for the arts and a respect for our natural world amongst her students. Chris retired in 2010, passing the torch to fellow Wheelock alumna, Heather Quinn. She continues to provide support and guidance to the program, serving as a mentor and consultant to both the staff and Board of Directors. As a result, Chris's vision continues to guide and inform the curriculum at Chilmark Preschool.